Belle Naturelle is a new collection, presented at Maison & Objet in Paris in 2014. For the first time The Soft World presents wearable feltdesign like luscious cardigans and soft long shawls. Made from desirable materials like 100% natural angora, mohair, alpaca, silk and soft merinowool.

Some designs are made from angorawool (angorarabbits), this animals are – different from some cruel ways to get angorawool – cut by their owners that sent their wool to the Dutch association of angorarabbit holders

New and unique are also throw and cushions ‘Hidden’. Natural wool from all different sheep breeds, hidden in crispy paperlike silkorganza.

01-Belle-Naturelle 02-Belle-Naturelle
03-Belle-Naturelle 04-Belle-Naturelle
05-Belle-Naturelle 06-Belle-Naturelle
07-Belle-Naturelle 08-Belle-Naturelle
09-Belle-Naturelle 10-Belle-Naturelle