The Soft World makes unique custom pieces for special projects for architects and interior designers. For example wool-hangings, wool-panels, felted wall coverings, carpets, custom window treatment, fabric for room-dividers or decorations for ceilings.

These feltworks are the best solution for your acoustic problems. 100% Wool is fire-resistant. Colors are natural and not dyed, so the colors will stay. Then natural wool with lanoline is natural dirt-resistance. The feeling this natural products gives, have a wonderful effect on people using the space. All this unique natural qualities for wool give wonderful opportunities for architecture and great solutions in cool modern architecture.

As Beatrice Waanders is an interior-design architect from origin, she can be your professional partner in your project. The felt is all handmade and can be made in any size required. The Soft World can deliver the best assembled system for your projects.

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